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Fly Fishing Links

There are a large number of fly fishing links on the web and it can be confusing trying to find your way through. Offered here are few good links with a brief description:

OutdoorMash - A neat site with links to many outdoor activity vendors, including fishing, hunting, hiking, etc.

Little Forks Outfitters   A good fly shop in Mid-Michigan to get info on Michigan rivers and to get the gear needed.  A good supporter of Trout Unlimited. A neat site to see various knots tied. Nets, furniture and more. Creative net handles.   Can't find that old fishing book? Try An Anglers Bookcase

If you're serious about fly fishing and preserving the sport you should belong to one or both of the following organizations: National Trout Unlimited site, conservation of cold water fisheries

Federation of Fly Fishers dedicated to conservation and education

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