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Fly Fishing Creations
Deluxe Fly Tying Box   

 Display fly tying case

These unique fly tying cases are available in oak, maple, mahogany, walnut and cherry and are beautifully finished with 5 coats of varnish. The wood is selected to provide book-matched grain (i.e. mirror image about the center) and the grain is continuous around the case. They are signed and numbered.

We typically will have a completed case in stock, which is marked as "available for shipping", and has an "add to cart" button by it.  We just added a new case... Scroll down.


We'll build a custom case with the wood combination you'd like. Click here to see options available.

Allow 3 - 4 weeks for a custom case.

Custom $450

Be sure to visit our fly tying case accessories for optional additions to your case!

Free shipping in Continental U.S.
Reduced shipping for International buyers click here

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Sapele (mahogany) Fly Tying Case
with Cherry Drawers  FTC132
Available for immediate shipping.

          Sapele fly tying case

This case is made of book-matched sapele (mahogany), birch, and aromatic cedar. It has cherry corner splines, and is finished with 5 coats of varnish. The case was made from one board to ensure color match. The drawers are book-matched cherry.  The table is bordered in pommele sapele with groves for bead handling. It is signed and numbered (#132) on the drawer back.
                The case has the following features:

·36 Spool holders

·Door storage for hook containers

·1-18 compartment box

·2-12 compartment boxes

·8 drawers for general storage

4 drawers w/cedar backs, for fur, feathers & tools,

·1 neck drawer w/cedar back

·Tying table w/bead groves

·Woodburned & painted fishing scenes

·Hook magnet for finished flies

·Leather handle

The case is designed to allow a compact carrying case which sets up quickly for tying without the need to remove layers of trays and boxes as in other designs.

Front of fly tying case  Back of fly tying case

 The examples below of recently sold cases show some of the other possible wood combinations.

Maple Fly Tying Case FTC115
with Spalted Maple Drawers  (SOLD)
Maple fly tying case

Walnut Fly Tying Case
with Cherry Drawers  FTC131
Walnut fly tying case

Cherry with Curly Maple Drawers

Black Walnut Fly Tying Case with Walnut Drawers
Walnut fly tying case